Sidney Magal Roleplay for July 31 of 2010

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Sidney Magal Roleplay for July 31 of 2010

Post  SidneyMagal on Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:26 am

Sidney Magal comes down the ramp with his Theme Song in the P.A System. When he climbs the ring, he gets a mic and starts talking

Sidney Magal: Alright Fellas! I'm here tonight for a so Match! So...why Redemption Match? I keep asking myself...Big Heroes started their carreers being pinned. But it never messed up their carreers...Look! I came from a land down under...just to show you all at home and at the arena how we can party together! Sooooo! I have a promise to make!

The crowd cheers...

Sidney Magal: You guys saw the World Cup promisses around the world, right? Argentin's Maradonna said that he would walk naked in Buenos Aires if Argentina wins, Larissa Riquelme, the Paraguaian Girl, said the same thing about her did the spanish singer Henrique Iglessias. Spanish was the Champion and he still with his clothes on!

The Crowd chants "Iglessias sux!"

Sidney Magal: But ME!...the Funky Dancer Sidney Magal...promise here, in front of all of you...that if I win this match tonight...You will certantly see someone naked HERE, in this very same TV this very same arena!

The Male part of the crowd starts chanting for "Angelina Jolie"...

Sidney Magal: You want Angelina Jolie, guys, huh? But I can bring someone really better...Oh yeah! I can! Just wait, and see....Thank you!

Sidney Magal throws the mic back to the Staff Member and Starts dancing in the ring as his Theme Song fades back in the P.As

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