Ultimate Enigma first welcome

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Ultimate Enigma first welcome

Post  Guest on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:06 pm

Commentator 1: Here folks, we have a new wrestler joining the clan today.

The crowd cheer noisily as they eagerly wait for the new arrival

Commentator 2: Yes, the surprise is that we have heard nothing about him, we don't know anything what he looks like, we don't know his personality... nothing!

Commentator 1: Umm, I have all his files here, we practically know everything about him...

Commentator 2: Ohh, well umm... carry on then.

Suddenely the arena goes pitch black as the crowds cheers quickly grow into anticipation. A figure emerges and sprints into the arena.

Person: Hello people!

The person looks around the whole arena as the crowd cheers get even louder.

Person: Oh this is life, I am the Ultimate Enigma..... this is the dream! But to the serious business, i have not come here to play around as a rookie like most new people do. I have come here to make an Impact... an immediate IMPACT! I have come here to gain experience and learn from the best, but its a 'one man bussiness'. But have come here to entertain you!

The crowd chant 'Ultimate Enigma' as he waves to the whole crowd

Ultimate Enigma : I was born for this! This is what I call destinys faith! Remember the name, ULTIMATE ENIGMA!

Ultimate Enigma starts clapping as all the Crowd cheer his name. The crowd keep on chanting his name in high expectations.


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