The Pyro at the Therapist

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The Pyro at the Therapist

Post  The Pyro on Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:55 pm

*The screen shows a pale room decorated with pictures of landscapes, ficuses, and a motionless white ceiling fan with a window on the far side of the room letting sunlight in. At the center of the room is the standard black leather therapist lounge chair, with a simmilar standard chair next beside it. The Pyro is seated on the lounge chain nervously twitching his thumbs across his chest. He is wearing his regular brown, charred, trenchcoat. His gas helmet is situated on a nearby table his flamethrower is no where in sight. Seated in the chair, is a suited therapist with a staulky brown clipboard, he is seated cross legged.*

Therapist: Hello Mr. ehh... Pyro is it? My name is Mr. Brown, BWC's Company therapist. Ok, lets start... feel free to let out any emotions that you wish to. Ok, when did your obsession first start?

The Pyro: It all started back in the year 2001, when I was in the Iditarod... Good times they were.. I was in the first place position and I wanted to have the best record of ALL TIME! Hehehehe.... My dogsled suddenly slipped and broke off from the dog's and their harnesses broke.. I assume they followed some other wolf pack... I never saw them again..

Mr. Brown: Did you have any emotional ties to the dogs?

The Pyro: Of course I did... there was lucky, lucy, tom, arrow, george, six...

Mr. Brown: Ok, what happened after that?

The Pyro: I took refuge in a snow bank... So cold... So cold... *He starts staring off into the distance*

Mr. Brown: How long did it take for Them to find you?

The Pyro: Hours, Days, Months, Years... Whats it matter? In the small time that I was in that Acursed snow, I kept thinking about... All I could do to keep me going was.... *He starts laughing and chuckling histaricallly...* FIRE!!!

*His eye starts twitching, followed by his head... he starts smiling with insanity*

Mr. Brown: Pyro! NURSE!!!


*He reaches under the therapist chair and grabs his flamethrower*

The Pyro: *He chuckles with insanity* HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

*He starts to light up the walls with fire then after reaching down and grasping his gas helmet he runs and bursts through the window shattering the glass...*

Mr. Brown: We've got a RUNNER!!

*The Pyro after recovering from the fall starts torching the surrounding bushes and trees then runs off as the Camera fades to black.*

The Pyro

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he's perfect

Post  brandonklossner on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:32 am

*K.O. Klossner is seen later walking into the torched session room followed by Mr.Brown carrying a clipboard*
Mr.Brown: i cant tell you any specifics due to our doctor patient confidentiality policy
Klossner: thats fine im looking at everything i need to know
Mr.Brown: what do you mean, what do you see here?
Klossner: i see a perfect candidate
Mr.Brown: a candidate for what?
*Klossner smirks and looks at a scorched painting*
Klossner: thats confidential doctor


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