Manic's first promo

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Manic's first promo

Post  Manic on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:52 am

~ [b]Standing in the ring was the male, a frown showing across his face as he held the mic up to his lips, looking around at the audience[/b] ~

Sigh.. I've now had two matches here in this business, and i've been robbed of both my matches; the first time Jumbo screwed me over, and my most recent match I lost the main event to a pathetic partner; I was left in a two-on-one handicap match and I would have won that match if it wasn't for one person..

..Wade Wilson, next week on Pulse; you versus me. You get back to me in my locker room when you've made your decision, where then, we will decide a very hellacious stipulation.

~ [b]He hands the mic back on the apron before exiting the ring, looking down at the floor, it could be seen in his eyes that he was very 'PO' and wanted one shot at retribution against "Deadpool".[/b] ~

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Post  tomici on Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:03 pm

*oh my, Duran Duran plays on the titan trone, we all know who comes out... there he is Tomici, what does he want now... he runs into Manic and hits him with high dropkick into the head... and continues to hit him while he is still laying on the mat... here comes few refeeres to stop this nonsense Tomici is doing... Tomici takes a mic... fans are awaiting that he explain his attack...

Tomici: hahahaha!!! this was funny, i didnt have so good fight for long time... to long time... it feels so good hurting people... today was Manic, next time?? well, who knows??? watch your self BWC!!!

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