Juank's Interview

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Juank's Interview

Post  JuanK on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:48 am

-- Luisa is a interviewer, I don't know the name of our interviewer.

The camera turns on in the locker room, focuses on "luisa" banging on the door of the dressing room of JuanK.
JuanK: Who is it?
Luisa: I, luisa. I come to perform an interview.
JuanK: continues.
JuanK is sitting in front of a television, which is being the battle between Prototonic and Valerio, when Luisa enters the dressing room, Juank stops the video you are watching.
Juank: Sit down please, what is the honor of your presence?
Luisa: Good evening JuanK, as I said before I come to interview you.
JuanK drinks a little of their "wine" and he nods approvingly.
Luisa: I see you're watching a fight of the Pulse's show ┬┐why?
Juank: I thought you were going to ask for my actions show, but with pleasure will answer your question, I am interested in all the shows presented here, especially those shows that show people particularly interesting.
Luisa: particularly interesting? Could you tell us what you mean by that?
Juank: I have great interest in those who are ... different, they are ... to put it in a way, better than humans. (JuanK smiles), it is amazing how many people "valuable" that are working here, maybe you're one of them, but I doubt you've come here to really know my interest in this type of people.
Luisa: you have right about that, I come here to ask why your actions of last show? The attack on the referee and of course the attack on The Darkness.
Juank: I knew it, you might not believe it, but that does not have much explanation, the last show was my debut here in the BWC, and since I had to leave some mark, something I did notice, what better than a victory plus an unprecedented attack in the same way my intention was to send a clear message.
Luisa: a message? you mean that every fighter you face, will end in the same circumstances, and what role he played in all this the referee.
Juank: The message will be interpreted by those to whom it was directed, as to what you mention of my opponents, I do not know, I have not decided yet as I'm going to try after each battle. The poor referee suffered the consequences of their actions, he didn't should interfere in my way, but as you must know today, our beloved general manager Zoe presented his bill on my attacks and potential attacks from The Darkness.
Luisa: Yeah, that was an ultimatum, you will not have expected her to stay without doing anything to these incidents? Addition, The Darkness has a fight today, and she cannot afford that everything is out of control.
Juank: Control? A strange word. But I think Zoe made a mistake by putting the Darkness to fight after my attack last show, may already be recovered, but I think he do not feel this at 100%, as at this moment I do not care that.
Luisa: I imagine it must be focusing on the fight tonight against Sidney Magal and being in this way, the better I leave you for your time.
Juank: You are wrong, neither does worry me, nor do I care. If you want after my victory tonight could celebrate, maybe you like the ... wine.
Luisa: Maybe one last thing before I go, do not look the same man who attacked so brutal that the Darkness and the referee.
Juank: First of all, I am not a normal man and second, you have to know when we should act like an animal and which as a gentleman. And if you'll excuse me I have things to finish, I see you after my fight.
Luisa: thanks and goodbye.
Luisa leaves the dressing room, while JuanK returns to see combat of Prototonic vs Valerio.

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