Pyros insanity... and interview

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Pyros insanity... and interview

Post  The Pyro on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:14 pm

*A dark individual is standing next to the companys interviewer... He is wearing a long browned and charred leather coat that is acceptably longer than his shoes. His gas helmet is tucked under his left arm and his trademark flamethrower is strung across his back. He is nervously figiting and stressfully handling his lighter.*

Interviewer: So, your match tonight. Do you have any second thoughts about it or are you afraid of losing, what are your emotions telling you?

Pyro: Ya know, I really don't have any set feeling towards my opponent tonight... All I can say is that....

*A stagehand takes a seat on one of the steel chairs set at the edge of a wall. He lights up a cig and fails the first, second and third time until a small yellow flame ignites the small wrapped piece of carefully wrapped paper. The Pyro becomes nervous and starts to have a panic attack. He soon pulls himself together and cointinues the interview.*

Interviewer: Are you OK? Pyro, hello!

*After shaking his head and silently moaning a few times he cointinues...*

Pyro: Uhh... Yea... Now what were we talking ab-b-bout?

*Some sparks catch his eye coming from a malfunctioning piece of lighting equipment. He starts to breath heavily and has rapid eye movement... He becomes even more nervous.*

Interviewer: PYRO!! Hello?? Dude whats your problem?

Pyro: My problem... OHHHHH I don't have a problem!! Hehehe!!! *He starts going insane*

*Suddenly the stage hand that was smoking takes out his lighter and starts figiting with it... taking it out and casually igniting it and extinguishing the flame. Pyro's eye starts to twitch...*


*He rushes the stage worker with hits a "PWF (Playing with Fire)" on the man then pry's the lighter from his limp unconsious hands and starts to play with the fire, lighting it and closing it...*


*He runs off laughing to another part of the backstage area... The interviewer is stunned then says to himself...*

Interviewer: (I've got to get another job...)

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