Valerio vs Prototonic 28th July

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Valerio vs Prototonic 28th July

Post  Valerio on Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:51 am

“The Titantronscreen shows an image of a wasteland… Fog is all around and there is an absolute silence… All of a sudden the camera turns to the ground and zooms out…Several cracks are seen on the floor as there is the sound of a very disturbing laugh…Suddenly the ground bursts open and a woman is seen… Covered in flames”.

Valerio stands at the entrance ramp and looks around at the crowd while her music plays. She starts to walk, grabs a mic and jumps into the ring. She waits till the applause stops and starts to speak.

Valerio: 'Here I am. Tonight. My first appearance in a new fed. In my first match against Prototonic.'

Valerio smiles.

Valerio: 'A man who hides his real face behind a scary facepaint and says that he came from some kind of hell…'

She lowers her voice

Valerio: 'Well, I assure you that I’m not scared at all and that tonight, I am going to do whatever it takes to win this match. I will let this man see every corner of this ring and then I will drag him into MY hell. So after that he can tell you all for real, that he came from hell…'

A big ‘WOOOH’ is heard from the crowd and Valerio smiles her evil smile. She turns to the entrance ramp, takes a deep breath, her hands turn into fists. She feels the tension as see looks from under her eyebrows at the ramp, waiting for her opponent to appear…

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