A Very Slow Start

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A Very Slow Start

Post  Gold on Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:19 pm

The camera cuts into the car park where it seems a taxi stops in the centre. The camera zooms in as the door opens to the passenger of the car which is none other than Gold a new signing to BWC.

Gold gets out of the car and is about to walk of when the Taxi Driver peeks his head out of the car

Taxi Driver: "Sir, you owe me 100 dollars so pay up"

Gold stops saying nothing

Taxi Driver: "If you don't pay i'll call the cops"

Still no response from Gold

Taxi Driver: "I'll also make sure you never drive in a taxi again"

The Taxi Driver begins to get out of the car as Gold turns around

Taxi Driver: "So I got your attention"?

Gold walks starting to pick up pace

Taxi Driver: "Hey wait..."

Gold strikes the Taxi Driver with a Neck Breaking clothesline

Gold: "Now if your smart you'll get out of here, and I know where you live, So don't try anything smart"

The Taxi Driver sprints into his car and drives off, Gold begins to laugh

Gold: "Now if you excuse me i'm running very late"


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