The Darkness: Bio

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The Darkness: Bio

Post  The Darkness on Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:37 pm

My Stats As Of July 17th:

• Popularity: 7. Master (609)
• Fans: 1484
• Age: 41
• Total Skill Index: 5.213
• Fought matches: 6425 (W:2715 | L:3389| N/C:321)
• Wrestler's score: 54.920
• Level : 21

Gimmick: Face. Intimidating.
The Darkness will always fight against uneven odds. He's the kind of guy who will come out when the heel's are beating down unfairly, and clear the ring. He has long black hair, and black drab clothing. His very large intimidating figure makes people think twice about fighting.

The Darkness

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