Interview with a freak...

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Interview with a freak...

Post  prototonic on Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:43 pm

*Camera goes backstage in a dark room*

INTERVIEWER:Good evening everybody we are backstage to take an interview from the new talend here in BWC prototonic.Hello prototonic!

*Prototonic appears with a scary facepaint*

Prototonic:Hello HUMAN

INTERVIEWER:Wait a minute.You called me human.Why you aren't a human?You are an alien? ahahahah

Prototonic:How dare you to call me an alien idiot.

*Prototonic graps the interviewer from the neck*

Prototonic:Don't make fun with me again HUMAN because you will face the same fathe as my other victims.I am from hell idiot.Remeber that.I can take you a ride straight to hell.And there you will sacrifice to my god.

*INTERVIEWER with a crying face apologize to prototonic*

INTERVIEWER:Sorry prototonic.Sorry please don't hurt me.

*Prototonic now takes a KNIFE!!!*

INTERVIEWER:Please prototonic don't kill me.

*Now prototonic cut himself in the arm*

Prototonic:No idiot.I will not kill you.But i will make you something else.Look all this blood.It's my blood.And now look something else.

*Prototonic makes the interviewer to drink his OWN blood*

Prototonic:Drink my blood HUMAN.This is the only good think that you did tonight.

*Prototonic now takes the michrophone*

Prototonic:BWC...a freak is here.And the only thing that i want is....DESTRUCTION.I will make all my opponents suffer.I don't know who is the first but i am ready for a challenge.And beleive me your worst nighmares tonight BEGINS.

*Lights turns off.Now lights turn on and prototonic has disappeared.


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Re: Interview with a freak...

Post  Game Reynolds on Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:31 am

I will have to ammend this a little but other than its great. It will be added to the show on the 21st of July.
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