Vann Damm Nasty Promo 3

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Vann Damm Nasty Promo 3

Post  VDN on Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:00 pm

Ron the Backstage Reporter stands outside VDN's locker room, he knocks the door and waits.

VDN > Come in! And shut the door behind you.

Ron > Ah VDN, its me, Ron the Backstage reporter, just want to hear your thoughts on your upcomming match with Amoxi, he's a big guy and will certainly be a test for you....

VDN > Woah, woah, woah...let me stop you there, first of his name is Amoxi??? I thought it was A MORON (VDN laughs to himself) to be honest with you I think I will carry on calling him A MORON....So A MORON if your listening you might be bigger, you might be stronger...but the fact of the matter is you are not as good as me, I am the wrestling machine, a superstar and one day I'll become a legend so all you got to do A MORON IS BRING YOUR OWN BODY BAG and to all the fans of BWC you will witness the debut of the greatest, most spectacular athletes of today....And remember BWC fans I'm doing this for you, to show you that instead of sitting on your fat butts all day long, stuffing your faces with happy fatty meals you too could be like me, healthy, energenic...and if your prepared to spend, well in most of your cases quite a lot of money, on plastic surgery, damn good looking!

Ron > Well, um, thanks for that VDN, it was, um, a pleasure talking to you!

VDN > Did I say we had, thats right I did not! Ever try that again Ron, and it will be Ron the Backhand slapped reporter (makes an aggresive gesture towards Ron) Anyway I have got just a little more to say and then you can run off and interview some LOSER elsewhere...If your listening GM after I have finnished with A MORON, I want the meat head that is Cole Moore (VDN chuckles to himself) I just realized another MORON, So Cole watch my next match carefully because I'm coming for you!!....Ron let me tell you something you might not know about me, I see each and everyone of the so called stars of BWC as stepping stones for me as I wrestle my way to becoming a LEGEND (Raises his head towards the ceiling)

Ron > (sounding a little worried) Well thank you again VDN, um, it was a pleasure to talk to, can I go now?

VDN > (still staring at the ceiling) You can leave...and Ron, in the future...I say when you have finnished interveiwing me, (turns and looks at Ron with menacing eyes) DO YOU UNDERSTAND!

Ron > Yes, yes, um thank you, thank you...and sorry for,um, any, um, disrespect. (turns away and leaves VDN locker room, shaking and nearly running!)


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