July 17th tag title match

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July 17th tag title match

Post  eviltiger on Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:40 pm

(Eviltiger sits at his locker putting his things away when he feels a slap in the back of the head.)

GAME REYNOLDS: "So you followed me here did you?"

EVILTIGER: "Well not quite followed you here but when I saw you were here I jumped on the chance to work with you again, so......."

GAME REYNOLDS: "Shut up! You were nothing in CiR and you are still nothing from the looks of it. I am going to enjoying kicking your A$$ again."

EVILTIGER: "Hey I am just here to fight and give my money back to the fans during this econocmic chrisis."

GAME REYNOLDS: "Oh yeah the "SAINT OF WRESTLING", god you make me sick."
(Game Reynolds sucker punches Eviltiger then starts kicking him while on the ground.)

(Bokko comes to help Game Reynolds as wrestlers sit and watch. Suddenly Bokko and Game Reynolds run off and Janosik comes running up with a steel chair to aid Eviltiger.)

EVILTIGER: "Thanks, What's your name again?"

JANOSIK: "Look I think your nuts giving your money away but those two are punks, the name is Janosik."

EVILTIGER: "Looks like I might need a partner for a while until I figure out the ropes here. Let's go talk to the GM I have an idea."


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