Meet me in the Ring

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Meet me in the Ring

Post  Paleghost on Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:06 am

A long black limosine pulls up to the entrance of Broadway Wrestling Company and out steps a very tall dark man accompanied by two bodyguards and a translator.

The translator is talking to the man quite rapidly and excitedly.

Translator :"This is it boss, it's going to be one Hell of a Night, first we make our in ring debut for our new Company and on the same night we win the Heavy Weight Cahmpionship."

Paleghost looks at him.

Translator looks apologetic : "Uhh sorry boss, ya don't count your chickens and all that, prove it in the ring... still it feels good doesn't it."

Paleghost nods his agreement.

Translator : "This is why we came here to compete for the big prize."

Paleghost smiles.

Translator : "So who is this Chieftain guy anyway?"

Paleghost shrugs.

Translator : "You are right, what does it matter ... the results will be the same anyway."

Paleghost looks annoyed at his translator.

Translator :"Ahh ok no offense boss... anyway shall we ?" He points to the entrance.

Paleghost and his entourage enter the building.

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