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Lol Ok Jr.

Post  JCa$h on Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:48 pm

Commentator Fred Sims: Welcome back to BWC we take you to the backstage area now where we are joined by Kaz Hart and Jonny Ca$h.

Commentator Kaz Hart: Thank you, Fred. Jonny "Bad Azz" Ca$h....

*fans boos Ca$h*

Jonny Ca$h: Call me Mr. Ca$h I'm richer than you always remember that and by the way why are you here again, you know what you can see yourself out I dnt need help from the help.

Commmentator Kaz Hart: Hey Ca$h I dnt like you as much as you dnt like me bu.....

*Jonny Ca$h hits the Ca$h Kick on Kaz Hart*

*fans chant Ca$h sucks*

Jonny Ca$h: Now next time I say leave I mean leave damn it.

*Jonny Ca$h starts kicking Kaz Hart in his stomach*

Jonny Ca$h: (sighs) Now like I was saying (sighs) K.O. Klossner when will accept my challenge you cant run forever I will find you. Since you wont challenge me I'll just beat the living hell out of everyone around BWC until you show your weak little face. What I have with you it's not personal I just wont make an example out of you and show the world I mean business and I'm on to the next wrestler who comes by.

*fans boos Ca$h*

*Kaz Hart starts crawling towards the door and Jonny Ca$h grabs him by his shirt and picks him up and throws him into the lockers.*

Jonny Ca$h: (laughs) Are you all right Kaz. Now another issue thats concerning me is a man who claims himself as VDM you made a vicous comment about me. VDM we come from the same background well accept I'm richer than you of course. (laughs as fans boo him)

Jonny Ca$h: Now seriously whatever comments you have about me I can simply have you removed. When I say that I mean I will have you removed from BWC, your family, your home, everything, and you won't be able to do anything about it because you will be hospitalized and when you make your big return back to BWC I will have you in the same situation before only next I will have gold around me, on my shoulders, everywhere. Now I dn't think I will have to teach you a lesson will I. Good. Oh and K.O. Klossner the clock is ticking (Ca$h makes a tick tock sound).


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Bout freakin time

Post  brandonklossner on Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:14 am

OOC: thought i was being ignored on this forum for a while there. i like your work i think this feud is gonna get interesting im thinking maybe a few in ring and backstage attacks, maybe a weapon or two. do me a favor think of a signature weapon i feel it would help put our feud up a few notches and make it better for the fans hope to hurt you soon bud

*camera switches from the vicious attack of the commentator to K. O. watching a monitor. he takes a step back looking shocked then the camera zooms in on his left hand as it forms a fist and begins to shake, then the camera goes to black

Commentator: i dont know whats going to happen when these two finally meet but i can tell you this it will not be a pretty sight


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