Vann Damm Nasty Promo 2

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Vann Damm Nasty Promo 2

Post  VDN on Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:32 pm

The ring is empty, the commentators (Rob Red and Bob Blue) are talking, the crowd is in high spirits.
VDN theme music starts to play it is Spit it out by Slipknot
He walks to the ring wearing black tracksuit bottoms a VDN t.shirt and a pair of black sunglasses.
(crowd start to boo loudly)
Rob Red > Well here he is one of the newest recruits to BWC, he calls himself Vann Damm Nasty, after last week where he showed his displeasure with one of our backstage staff, well, this could be interesting!

Bob Blue > Yeah and after what he did last week he should not be in this ring, he should have been suspended and fined, what he did was wrong...he on purpose gave that young man the wrong paper to read and then hit him with the Damnation Drop...It's wrong Rob, he's a bully and show off, and I personally would like to see him get his butt kicked.

Rob Red > Woah, slow down Bob, don't get so worked up, look he was trying to help the guy, you know give him his chance to shine...and what did he do screw it up, what VDN did next, well he was angry and upset with the stage VDN's mind he needed to be punished.

Bob Blue > He set that stage hand up, and that is a fact Rob, he knew damn well what was on that paper and for what he did there is no excuses!

Rob Red > Well he's got a microphone in his hand so I guess we are about to hear what he has to say.

VDN > O.k now stop your booing, sit your butts down and listen to me....O.k now I have your attention I will continue...I came here from Holland when I was twenty years old, I have worked as a doorman at some rough places and been a bodyguard for various people...and then one morning I woke up and thought to myself I need a new direction in I enrolled at a wrestling school and studied hard and trained even harder, I became the best student there and so it was time to move on and so I came here, to BWC to show you people a true athlete, a supreme being, a force of short the best!

(crowd is booing)

VDN > Shut up losers...I'm here for you! To show you what being a man and athlete is all about, I will amaze you, entertain you....and help you to be better than you are!

But first I need to speak about some of the so called stars we have here in BWC....first The diamond Thief, well, thats the only way you will beat me is by stealing up Jonny 'Bad Azz' Ca$h, I thought I could smell somthing bad, something you ate is that why your the 'Bad Ass'....Valerio, honey put your high heels on, take your hand bag and leave, go to the kitchen and get me something to eat....Scott Hammer and Dumbo? Gumbo? Ham roll? sorry Jumbo you demand to be champions, well beat the best and then you get your chance to be champs until then your just two LOSERS!....Paleghost, ah Mr diva, "don't talk to me, don't eyeball me", well I'm talking to you and I'm eyeing you up and I see a LOSER...and last but not least Game Reynolds...I've got a great song title for you it is "The day VDN beat me in the ring and now I'm lying in a hospital bed crying my eyes out" you get lucky against some 2 bit champ and think you have a chance against someone like me, think again, go back to your day job, loser.....And just one more thing to all those I have spoke about BRING YOUR OWN BODYBAG. Play my music, I'm out of here.

Spit it out by Slipknot starts to play, crowd boo, VDN leaves the ring.

Rob Red > Well I would say he has made a statement here tonight, maybe not made many friends but certainly made a statement. Can't wait to see him in the ring.

Bob Blue > Yeah I can't wait to see him the ring and get his butt kicked!


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Re: Vann Damm Nasty Promo 2

Post  Valerio on Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:49 pm

Valerio stands backstage listening to what VDN has to say and smiles.

When she walks back to the locker room she is seen by a interviewer who takes his cameraman with him to interview her.

Interviewer: Valerio?

Valerio: What?!

Interviewer: You must have heart what VDN said about you. Are you intimidated? Impressed?

Valerio raises one eyebrow and looks at the interviewer with a questioning look.

Valerio: Intimidated? Impressed? Hahaha… No. He confirmed what I think about him. Just another guy who talks like a man but fights like a sissy. I think VDN is funny, a clown, talking about himself as a supreme being, a force of nature.

She grins…

Valerio: He finds himself the best. Well, I can tell you that I am the worst. And when he finds himself in the ring, with me, I am going to be his worst nightmare…

But If you will excuse me now…I’m going to put on my high heels to kick somebody’s butt.

She smiles evil at the camera before she turns around and walks away.

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