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Vann Damm Nasty Promo

Post  VDN on Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:02 pm

A man with long black hair, sun glasses, wearing a black track suit walks through the backstage area looking around and thinking to himself. He spots a passing stage hand.

Hey you, yeah you (stage hand looks around before realising he is being spoke to) come here, I've got a job for you.

Uhmm, I'm only a stage hand, sir, I'm not too sure what I can do for you?

Here take this (produces a piece of paper from his pocket) now, you can read can't you? Tell me that you can read, that my new home the BWC employs people with just a little sense, just a little bit of brain power...Your not an idiot are you? Well are you?

(looks at paper) No sir, of course not sir I can read just like my fellow employees I went to school, then college, then....(VDN cuts him off)

Blah, blah, blah...just read the paper, boy...I'm waiting, don't make me wait boy!

O.k, O.k (unfolds paper)...(looks at VDN) you sure you want me to read this?

(VDN looks at stage hand eyes ablaze with anger) READ NOW!!!! My patience is running low and my anger is rising...not a good combination...for you!

O.K sir, if thats what you want (VDN starts to smile and strikes poses).......( stagehand, reading from paper) Things I must not forget at supermarket, eggs, milk, butter (VDN grabs the paper)

(Hits stagehand with his finisher the Damnation Drop) (Looks down at stagehand who is bleeding and in pain)
(turns to camera)

What you think I would get a loser to introduce me??? I don't think so, Only one person is good enough to introduce me...and thats me!

He is 6 feet and 1 inch tall, weighing in at 195 lbs, from Holland now living in the United States of Losers, oh sorry I meant America...He's strong, sexy, superior...and a lot more words begining with S, the one, the only the super, see I told you there would be more S words....Vann Damm Nasty. (crowd is booing loudly)

O.k, o.k sit down losers, go and buy another happy, fatty meal, drown it down with a large cola and think to yourself' good your life would be, if you were me!

I have arrived at BWC, I will dominate BWC.....All you so called superstars if your listening I've watched you, listened to you, heard the garbage that comes from your mouths, if you all want a challenge, here I am, I ain't got no bodyguard, no backup...I need no one....See you in the ring and bring your own body bag!

Camera follows VDN as he walks away.


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