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Role Play

Post  Game Reynolds on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:17 pm

Every federation needs RP's to survive!!! This fed is no exception!!!! I will place an example here from what I did for my previous fed:

The scene opens up to show a figure walking into the arena. He has his bag over his shoulder and a custom made title on his shoulder. He walks down the hallway a little before we see Charlene interviewing Game Reynolds and they are just getting started as the camera is rolling.

The figure, who we can see now has a partial mask and is dressed in an outfit that looks like a jumpsuit sort of, smirks and walks forward into the middle of the interview

Game Reynolds: " my Sound Clash show will be up and running tonight. It will see me interview members of the roster and see how there minds ti........."

Figure: "Do I look like I have time to sit here and wait for the precious golden boy of SCT to be done getting interviewed? Do you have ANY idea who I am? I have been doing this since before you were even a glint of hope in your daddys eye.. I have made this business what it is.. I have taken feds to the top.. I have watched them fall.. Now I am here to make sure SCT stays at the top.."

Game looks at the partially masked man with a perplex looked. He thinks momentary before mustering the right words to say.

Game Reynolds: "Sorry dude. Did you have interview time with Charlene here? I ask because she came to me for a quick chat about my new show here in SCT, Sound Clash. Its gunna be gr........."

Figure: "A great failure? Really.. I dont care.. Meaning no specific disrespect.. As I really dont like anyone.. But I have watched you carefully over the years Game.. We have even crossed paths before.. I was under a different name.. But the situation remains the same.. Your standing right here.. Taking MY spotlight..

All I seen was your face all over the last couple of SCT show.. And why? Why does Game Reynolds get the spotlight? When does The Silent Assasin get his shot? I have my eye on two things in this company.. Being the best... And wearing a title around my waist.

As I see it.. Your in the way of me being the best. As well as your the one who must be interviewed? For what? A stupid talk show? Well how about this.. Ill come onto your little show.. And I will air my requests personally for you.. How does that sound golden boy?"

Game Reynolds: "Whoa! Chill out dude. If you wanna be part of my 'Great Failure' talk show, you'll have to wait till the next one. I've already booked my first guest."

The Silent Assasin: "Thats what I dont like about you.. I insult you.. I degrade you.. And you still sit here and remain this "calm and relaxed" dude.. Well then I guess I will have to come on after my first match then.. and then I can tell you, While I tell the whole world, That Silence.. Is.. Golden.."

The Silent Assasin smirks and walks away leaving Game with a sort of perplexed look on his face. Game shrugs and goes back to the interview and The Silent Assasin rounds the corner with a smile on his face.

As you can see its a back and forth confrontation!!! This is what we require!!!
Game Reynolds

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Re: Role Play

Post  alesander on Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:42 pm

this is cool i will think of something and post it

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Post  JumboHammer on Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:47 am

GR - do we have a set format for RP's? boldfaced, colored, etc?


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Re: Role Play

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