How to Improve your Wrestler

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How to Improve your Wrestler

Post  Paleghost on Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:58 pm

Ok here's how to make the most of your wrestler for the fed and such.

1) get your entrances up (it means more money for you and experience

2) Get you popularity and fans up . Fed shows are based in large part on the number of fans and popularity their wrestlers have. Entrances are largely for payout of fanteros, popularity equals ratings.

3) get as many matches everyday as you can. The best wrestlers in the game have over 20,000 or so matches which mean they have alot of experience to spend on stuff like Advance techniques which REALLY, REALLY make a BIG DIFFERENCE as well as having alot of entrances and such.

When you are looking for an opponent you are looking to win in Orange or Red, this means that your popularity will go up and you will get more money, it is also good for the fed because close matches mean more ratings and is good all around. Closer matches build more fans faster, Blowouts where you beat the crap out of your opponents (finishing in Green or blue) actually cost you fans and money.

So always try and challenge someone that is close to you and will make a good close match. In fact, even if you lose in Red to their Orange you will still get a fan increase. Close matches are pure gold.

One of the things you can also do to increase you fan base is look under the POPULARITY SECTION listed under charts and beat the most popular wrestlers of your level in close matches. This IS the fastest way to gain fans and popularity. Please do not spam (repeatedly challenge the same wrestler on the list over and over again) try and spread it out over the top guys, tI know from experience this is very annoying and it can get you blacklisted which means that you will not be able to challenge them ever again.

Oh if you want the best match types that mean the most money and experience and stuff make sure you pick up LAST BLOOD and the IRONMAN MATCH, they tend to last longer then any other match and have a strong tendency to end in red. THEY are money in the bank.

Oh and before I forget, to see if someone would be a good opponent for you check the fed roster and your score, if you see someone that is + or minus about 2 or 3,000 points for you, try them out and see if you end up with the desireable results. Again Blowouts are bad, close matches are good for both of you.
Challenge them 3 or 4 times and if the average results seem to end in red or so for both of you , that tends to be a good opponent. Keep in mind though that wrestling score is in large part determined by how much you are winning, so sometimes if you are facing nothing but cream puffs your score will be inflated as opposed to someone who is losing to tough opponents. Also blowouts cause your score to lower too.

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Re: How to Improve your Wrestler

Post  Valerio on Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:08 pm

Thank you Paleghost, some things I didn't know...

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