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Enter Paleghost

Post  Paleghost on Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:51 pm

A large stretch limosine pulls up into the parking lot of the Broadway Wrestling Company Arena.

The driver immediately jumps out and opens the door for his passenger a very, very tall man dressed head to toe in black.

The man reaches into the limousine and grabs his large hockey bag hoisting it over his shoulder and walking towards the entrance of the arena.

Three or Four drunken men are lounging outside and look up as he walks past them.

One of the bolder ones quickly approaches the man, snickering to himself.

Man :"Hey, hey buddy nice limo!!!'

The tall dark man ignores him and keeps walking.

Man :"Ya I bet it means your loaded eh, musta cost ya a lot of money?"

The tall dark man keeps walking.

Man :"So I never been in a limo. Betcha it's really nice eh, think I can take a quick look?"

The dark man stops for a second, looks at the other man like he is looking at a piece of something disgusting stuck to his shoe and keeps walking.

The tall dark man walks past the indignant group of drunks and enters the arena.

He is quickly met by a group of large men and one average size man who does all the talking for the group.

Interpretator :"Hey boss how ya doing I got the guys you requested."

The tall dark man looks the group up and down while frowning to himself and then nodding.

Interpretator : 'Ok boys the Boss says your in, follow me while we go over the rules."

Paleghost interupts him.

Paleghost :"Rule #1, do not talk to me unless I talk to you first, I do not want to hear the annoying sound of your voice, if I talk to you keep your answers short and to the point so that you do not waste my time."

Paleghost : "Rule #2 , do not ever look me in the eye, I do not feel like having you eye ball me, nor do I wish you have to deal with you and any puppy dog infantuations you might develop towards me."

Paleghost :"Rule #3, you are not my bodyguards, I do not need bodyguards, you are not here to protect me, you are here to protect other people from me. In the event that someone breaks rule #1 or #2 it is your job to beat the crap out of them so that I will not have to do it and waste my time dealing with their funeral arrangements. I find it quite annoying and I would prefer to be spending my time in the ring where my particular talents and energy are better served."

Interpretator :"So any questions?"

Paleghost heads towards his lockeroom his Interpretator and his Bodguards in tow.


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