Sidney Magal Roleplay for August 11 2010.

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Sidney Magal Roleplay for August 11 2010.

Post  SidneyMagal on Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:30 am

Sidney Magal comes down the ramp with "Burn Rubber on me" by The Gap Band playing in the Sound System. Quickly Magal goes up in the ring and grabs a mic

Sidney Magal: Good Eveniiiing!

The crowd responds in excitment to Magal's words.

Sidney Magal: Let me tell you something! Last week, that Spanish guy that I told to you, Henrique Iglessias...he actually payed his World Cup Promisse and skyid down in a mountain...naked!

The female portion of the crowd cheers

Sidney Magal:! I need to pay my words too, right? I told'ya that we're gonna have someone naked here in this very arena, right? Oh Yeah...I'm pretty sure that our superiors are going to have to pay some money for this...but well, promise is promise, right? is your naked person!

Sudently, BWC's Staff start bringing down the ramp a very big shower box, where you can see a shadow form of a woman inside. They carefully bring the box down the ramp and transport it to inside the ring. Sidney Magal then goes to the side of the box.

Sidney Magal: Well...This person...inside the MOST...BEAUTIFUL GIRL you will ever see! Yeah!....C'mon, let's take this courtain out...

Sidney Magal gets booth sides of the courtain with his hands...

Sidney Magal: Are you Ready?!

Crowd: Yeah!

Sidney Magal: C'mon...are you ready?!?!?!

Crowd: Yeeeeeeeeah!

Sudently, Sidney Magal pushes the courtain, and behind it, Rosa, Sidney Magal's sister is in there, wearing normal clothes, but holding a naked baby in her hands.

The crowd starts laughing

Sidney Magal: See?! Here she is!

Rosa(kinda shy): Ok...ok...Can I go now? I'm a little embarassed. Too much people...

Sidney Magal: Sure, sister! Thank you for coming.

Rosa leaves the ring with her little daughter in her arms, smiling for the crowd

Sidney Magal: Promise is a Promise, isn't it?

The crowd continues on laughing while Sidney Magal starts dancing in the ring

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