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Post  spickyo on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:36 pm

From my experience + me observing higher rank showd we could add...

.Get our Commentators Known to the readers by having Pic , Introducing the show and talking in the match

Another Idea:
. We could have a background Picture or something or even BWW sign

.We can have side Banners?
.When people bleed we could have animations for different Condition...

Rp Wise:
.If theres a in ring rp we could put a wrestling ring same with locker room
.In our Wrestler Card we could put our weight on it

Match Wise:
.If we have a hardcore match we could make a Banner with Chairs ect ect
These are just suggestions am not expecting everyone to like it nor hate it. If wanted I could help make these ideas Very Happy

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