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Post  brandonklossner on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:23 am

*John Ca$h is talking with melissa backstage when the camera approaches*
Ca$h: i really think you should have this
* takes out a small box and tries to hand it to her*
Melissa: what is it?
Ca$h: Open it and find out
*the camera zooms in on the box and as melissa's hand is about to touch the gift a third hand appears and snaches it. the camera zooms out and the hand belongs to K.O. klossner*
klossner: oh you shouldnt have johnie boy
Ca$h: haven't you had enough abuse yet
*klossner looks over to johnie with a grim look pauses then drops the box on the ground and crushes it under his boot*
Ca$h: you really shouldn't have done that
klossner: your days are numbered Johnie boy enjoy the time you have left ive got some things in the works that are gonna...
*klossner smirks*
klossner:well actually i dont wanna ruin the surprise but needless to say you wont enjoy it
ca$h: anytime any place!
klossner: oh im looking forward to it *looks to melissa* oh and im sorry miss this didnt concern you
*klossner walks away and ca$h begins trying to save face with melissa*


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