new sheriff in town

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new sheriff in town

Post  brandonklossner on Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:53 pm

*zoey is texting on her phone when she hears a knock on her office door*
Zoey: who is it?

Klossner: the only guy on the roster who knocks before he comes in your office
Zoey: Game?

*Klossner opens the door and takes a step inside*

Zoey:oh, its you Klossner. what brings you to my office?
Klossner: i have a few ideas id like to discuss with you about how to...improve how things go around here
Zoey: Im all ears
Klossner: im working on a little group and was hoping for some support from the higher ups
Zoey:group? what are you talking about?
Klossner: you wont wanna know the specifics but all i need is a complete pardon for my group and a guarantee that security wont get in my...i mean our way
Zoey: i dont like the sound of that what are you going to do?
Klossner: this company needs order and i will be the one to meet that need
Zoey: we have order i am in charge and anyone that steps out of line is dealt with.
Klossner: until the next week when they step again
Zoey: i dont like your tone get out of my office!
Klossner: this is gonna happen whether you help or not just remember i tried to keep you on our side
*Klossner smirks and leaves the room. Zoey has a concerned look on her face, then the phone rings she answers and begins talking on the phone as the camera fades out.


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Later On In the Night!!!

Post  JCa$h on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:39 pm

*There's a knock at GM Zoe Preistlings office door*

GM Zoe: Come in.

*The man walks into the office and it turns out to be Jonathan Ca$h*

Ca$h: Hi Zoe. I was watching the show earlier and I saw that big fallout you had with Klossner. I've told you since day one all you had to do was give me your word and I can end his career in a minute.

GM Zoe: Jonny that won't be necessary.

Ca$h: Fine have it your way. Tell me Zoe have you thought about what I said last week about my offers and where they still stand.

*Ca$h leans in toward GM Zoe's face*

Ca$h: You did see what I did to Prototonic right. That after match attack I put on him was great I couldn't have been more prouder of myself. But you listen to me the next time I step in the ring with any wrestler you throw my way I will not stop until the security hauls me off the premises.

Ca$h waits for Zoe's remark.

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