Spickyo's Bio

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Spickyo's Bio

Post  spickyo on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:56 pm

Wrestler Detail

Wrestler Name: Spickyo
Nickname: Human Snake
Catchphrase: "Beware of the Spick or the snake will pounce"

Wrestler History:

Spickyo was in Jail and he got his nickname Human Snake in the slammer poisioning another Convict and leaving them blinded... When Spickyo got released he was by himself with a fair amount of money and spent that going to the Gym and weight protien... With he money he had left and governement benifits he owned a small asset not far from BWC's Acdemy and gave a shot at wrestling and successed with no a Contract on the show


Looking for Tag team
Looking for a Stable
Looking for a Rivalry
Am a Tweener (Both Face and Heel)


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