The Pyro discusses his right to be champion for 8/4/10 PULSE

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The Pyro discusses his right to be champion for 8/4/10 PULSE

Post  The Pyro on Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:17 am

*The Pyro's entrance theme plays on the 'tron. He comes out as usual, sporting his classic charred coat and trademark gas helmet yet his flamethrower is oddly absent. He walkes rather calm down to the ring where he asks for a mic*

The Pyro: Last time on Flash, the names were announced to see who the #1 contenders spot would be given to. Is there a umm... uhh a replay of that?

*The screen fades to black and showes Zoe Preistings at her GM desk and holding the paper. She reads them aloud...

Zoe Preistings: After much debate, and name swapping, I have chosen four wrestlers to compete for the Number 1 Contenders spot for the BWC World title.

Zoe Preistings: The four men are;
IKKW... The Pyro... Dr. Octopus... and The Cheiftain.
Zoe Preistings: This four will compete in semi-final matches next Saturday.

Zoe Priestings: The final will be the Saturday after and then we will all know who the new challenger will be.

The Screen fades to black...*

The Pyro: Hmm Ikkw... No challenge there... as I'VE BEATEN HIM ALREADY! Dr. Octopus.. I have to say very impressive in his tag team match last episode with SILVERADO... oh wait.. HE LOST... Finally The Chieftain... He lost both times he challenged Paleghost.. He doesn't deserve another shot... Which is why THE PYRO... will have his shot!

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