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Post  torcida on Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:44 pm

Height: 210 cm

Weight: 150 kg

Style: Resistance, great endurance and thoughness

Nickname: The Thunderstorm from the North, Collosus from the North, Bald Giant with Soft Heart

Intro: video with some best fights, and in background music from Duran Duran, WILD BOYS

Appearence: HEAD: bald hair cut TORSO: 2 big tatoos: "TORCIDA" on upper back, and "HAJDUK" on his chest, LEGS: sport black pants FEET: black wrestling boots

Gimmick: when you see this guy comming out you would say: "oh may dear, we better run, here comes collosus from the north, the maneating giant, parents hide your kids..." he fears nothing in the universe, except snakes(they are creppy, and deadly)

Bio: born in the ruins of an ancient city, this guy was raised and trained by THEM, to be mean, fearless, and unbeatable champ... so years passed and he became strong and big, and evil, just as THEY wanted... and so he begun his quest for conquering the world... his first step is to prove himself as the best here at BWC

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