A lesion in pain

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A lesion in pain

Post  JuanK on Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:52 pm

//If Prototonic lose the match.

Jonathan Ca$h is celebrating its victory, but Juank appears on the ramp and runs into the ring, Ca$h is not aware of the presence of Juank.
Juank forces him to turn around, he kicks the stomach, Juank puts his rival's head beneath his arm hooking him by his leg lifting him up and making him fall to the ground head first performing a MORTAL Break Your Head!!
Ca$h is K.O. on ring, Juank approaches prototonic and begins to scream him.

Juank: You cannot get up!? Are you a loser?
Prove you're not like the dregs of humanity. Get up freak!

//wait for a reply of prototonic

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Re: A lesion in pain

Post  prototonic on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:50 pm

*prototonic is bleeding and finaly gets up*

JUANK:Come on freak.Aprove me that you are not a human being...

*prototonic makes a scary scream and fire is around the ring*

PROTOTONIC:You want for me to aprove tha i am not a human?Ok juank...but another time..because now i will go for a walk in my home

*prototonic runs and he jump in the flames...he is burning but he is laughing too..*

PROTOTONIC:Hahahah she you soon JUANK...

*The flames now has gone and prototonic's future isn't there*


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