Valerio's gimmick

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Valerio's gimmick

Post  Valerio on Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:06 pm

“The Titantronscreen shows an image of a wasteland… Fog is all around and there is an absolute silence… All of a sudden the camera turns to the ground and zooms out…Several cracks are seen on the floor as there is the sound of a very disturbing laugh…Suddenly the ground bursts open and a woman is seen… Covered in flames”.

My name is Valerie but everyone calls me Valerio. As you all can see I am a woman but I will prove to everyone that I am more a man than the most of you. I trained very hard to become what I want to be. A wrestler.

My character is very heel

My music: Lost Prophets - Burn burn

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